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An Introduction To Link Building In Today’s Online World

Published on May 4, 2017 by MagFellow
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In today’s advertising and marketing world that is increasingly built around blogs and search engine optimization, link building has become an essential tool to attract clients and customers. To many, it is still a foreign concept. So the following is an introduction to link building and what it can be used for.

What is Link Building?

Link building are actions designed to increase and number and quality of inbound links to a particular web page. In doing so, the action helps increase its ranking among search engines for that web site.

A more specific look at link building is that it is a process of getting links from other web sites and attaching it to your own. The link, sometimes called a hyperlink, connects two different web pages and serves as a navigational bridge from one page to another.

Value of Link Building

Many regard it as a proven action or tactic in helping a web site garner more traffic. The more external links that are connected to your web site, the more chances the traffic can climb upwards.

In acquiring link or getting other sites to link to your own, the more traffic received would thus improve the ranking which search engines use to target more frequent web sites. This helps make your web site become more prominent and one of the first ones which can pop up when a search engine conducts a specific search somewhat tailored toward your site’s topic.

Different Kinds of Links

There are common link methods to use in an effort to generate more traffic and create more ways for someone to click on your web page.

Resource link – As mentioned above, a hyperlink is in the form of an anchor text on another web site which can open up your web site one click on the text. Usually, the hyperlink is used like a resource link because content from one page is seen as beneficial or supportive of the original page. This helps improve an SEO ranking because search engines look at the value of a page in relation to certain topics.

Acquired link – This link is actually bought by you for allowing for another web page to get linked with yours. Advertisements, blogs, and forums are common forms of these.

Reciprocal link – This is a mutual link between two web pages to ensure increased traffic for both sites. There are reciprocal link exchange directories to allow for two separate parties to start up a discussion on creating these links in order to boost traffic on web sites.

Image linking – This is a method in which an image can serve in place of the link text from one web page to another one on a similar topic.

Directory link – Some web sites have directories that can link to a few different web pages which fall under a specific topic. Web site owners can submit their sites to certain directories, which can be paid or are free.

How to Effectively Link Build

SEO Back LinksCreate good content – The easiest way to attract links is by creating good web content which naturally draw interests from other sites. Make sure your content is always interesting and on topic.

Be willing to use links on your page – Other page owners like when they get a free mention. Sometimes, they are willing to return the favor.

Focus on keywords – The anchor text can be crucial in a link. It helps enhance the value to your site in the eyes of search engine. Strong SEO keywords are always effectively, even in relation to a link.

Use directories and review – Put your page out in front of reviewers or bloggers in hopes of getting a seal of approval. Sometimes, they will like your site enough to create links to it. Also, use directories and find a few that fit your page topic. Check and see if you can get your directory

Get help from your contacts – Link with friends and families in order to widen your potential web reach. From there, start networking your field of interest and see if you can get more contacts which lead to links to your site being placed on these new contacts’ pages.

In an effort to get your page out to a larger audience, look at all options that can help increase awareness and interest to your site. Having a link building service provider  help you take advantage of the process by leading towards many benefits down the road. Such a company can help generate more links to and from your web site. This can increase traffic to your site which helps you become more prominent during engine searches.


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